Word of the Day 15/06/2012 - a la belle étoile 

a la belle étoile phr. ’under the beautiful star’; in the open air at night

Yes, I know - it’s more like ‘Phrase of the Day’, but I don’t care. And it might well be psittacine in that it follows from Tuesday’s word, but I couldn’t care less* about that, either.

"Hello Lotty, my Love. I trust your flight was swift and that you finally got some sleep. I have laid the blanket in the field, unpacked a sumptuous feast of a picnic fit for the Gods of old, the cows have been told to look the other way, and I thought we might spend the night a la belle étoile. I hope you’re amenable to such wantonness.”

*Please note the correct use of the phrase ‘I couldn’t care less’. The erroneous and preposterous misuse of this in the form of ‘I could care less’ makes me wince. It is wrong and means entirely the opposite of what the speaker intends it to mean. What is meant by the phrase is that they do not care at all; they care so little that there is no way they could care less; it is the least amount of care they could possibly have.

If the speaker (incorrectly) could care less then that there’s a way that they are able to care a bit less, which means that they care a little bit; which is not what they mean; which is wrong; which vexes me; I am terribly vexed.

I feel better now.